NEW BREW: Woodcutter Saison

A refreshing Belgian farmhouse style ale with subtle notes of coriander and Seville orange and a crisp, effervescent finish.

DSC 7614

Since as far back as 1772, when the official ‘timber post’ was established, Knysna has been renowned for its proud heritage  of woodcutters – hardworking folks who endured long hours and arduous conditions in the forests they loved. It was work that built up a hefty thirst...

Our Saison (French for ‘Season’) Ale quenches with its refreshing lightness and rewards with spice and zest!

Ingredients: Malted barley, hops, coriander, Seville orange, water and yeast. Bottle conditioned, unfiltered and 100% preservative-free.

This beer is best enjoyed at 8 - 10°c.
Refrigerate in an upright position.
Pour slowly to retain any sediment in the bottle.
Use a Bavarian shaped glass.

And remember to help keep Knysna beautiful. Please recycle.